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Personal Trainer Imperial Wharf

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Harriet Freel, Recuitment Agent

Leigh Robinson, Professional Dancer

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Why Choose BeTheFittest?

A beautiful area to get fit and use a personal trainer is Imperial Wharf. We aim to give you the best results that you aim for in a specific time. BeTheFittest offers one to one and also small group based sessions and we carry out each session efficiently and safely. Before starting your training sessions we will gather information about yourself and analyse your current condition through our comprehensive consultation. Only then will we structure the best ways for you to achieve your goals and create your bespoke programme and diet plan specific to you.

At BeTheFittest we invite people at all levels of fitness, whether you have lots of experience with training or have never really trained before. We cater and carry out the highest level of training Imperial Wharf has to offer. We offer a concierge service and can train you in the comfort of your own home, work place, local park or the best place convenient for you. We also have access to local private gyms we use.

Feel free to give us a call or email for a free consultation and session. We also have different prices and packages we offer.

Real Results

This is the RESULT of 4 weeks of Bethefittest’s metabolic training and healthy eating. Harriet LOST 7% BODY FAT.

Harriet wanted to lose body fat, so i carefully put together her training programme along with a structured dietary plan. We trained mostly twice a week also giving her a workout to do in her spare time. We done a lot of high intensity training working through different percentages of her MHR. After just 4 weeks of the programme she had lost 7% body fat.

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