Learn about nutrition

Nutrition is a fundamental component in achieving your goals. When combined with physical activity
it can be responsible up to 70 percent of your results. 

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Why we need good nutrition

It is essential within any fitness programme a nutrition programme is also followed so we also offer dietary management for each client.

After consultation and fully understanding the individual’s goals and lifestyle, we form and generate a perfect dietary plan to ensure you will reach maximum results in a specific time.

We analyse the clients calorie and nutrient intake and form a healthy customised dietary plan taking into consideration any adjustments necessary for each client. Then we examine your results and gains after a two week period making any necessary adjustments to your diet depending on how the dietary plan is reacting to your results. Further assessments will be taken place thereafter.

There will always be full support and are always available for advice be it in person or the comfort of your own home online using Bethefittest.com which provides counselling via Skype where we can discuss your dietary plans.

What the Service Offers You?

  • Full dietary and lifestyle consultation and analysis
  • Bespoke dietary programming for each client
  • Frequent analysis of results making adjustments to your diet
  • Referral to a dietician if necessary
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