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Tyrone Brennand

Tyrone Brennand is the founder of Be The Fittest, he’s an author, personal trainer, yogi and Inspirational Speaker whose determination, focus, and go-getter mindset have all earned him the reputation as a leading fitness resource throughout London changing thousands of lives.

“I have always had one goal. To help change people’s lives through health and fitness”


Over the course of nearly two decades, Ty has gained extensive experience in the health, fitness, and wellness space, helping thousands of people (including many celebrities) along the way.

His key speciality areas include but aren’t limited to fat loss, toning, strength training, and yoga. Tyrone is an author to his debut book Be The Fittest released in 2021. He trained with Manny Pacquiao and ran the London Marathon, receiving notable acclaim for his achievements. He is a qualified experienced Yoga Teacher, Reebok Ambassador, and was even featured on MTV’s Beach Body.

As the Founder of Be The Fittest, Tyrone’s sole mission is to empower his clients with tried-and-true techniques and premiere personal training services in order to pave the way to a happier, healthier life. When he isn’t assisting others in getting fit, Tyrone Brennand enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones, especially his three beautiful children: two daughters and a baby boy.

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