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Be The Fittest Mentorship Programme

Helping people to succeed in their career and business within the health and fitness industry through free workshops and one to one mentoring with Ty. 

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What is the Be The Fittest mentorship programme?

The Be The Fittest Mentorship Programme is a free 12 month programme created by Tyrone Brennand where he will choose 5-6 male and females to mentor in their health and fitness career/business who are based in the UK. These individuals will apply through the Be The Fittest application page and Tyrone will go through each application carefully reading each story and interview the desired mentees.

Once he has chosen the mentees they will start the mentorship programme based in London. There is a structured plan over the 12 months where every quarter they will all meet face to face and have a full day workshop where Tyrone will be teaching the fundamentals of starting your business and succeeding in the fitness industry along with guest speakers and tasks to complete. Each mentee will also have homework to complete in order to progress in their career till the next time they meet in the next quarter. There will be one to one mentoring communication between the mentees and Tyrone between the meet ups.

Why are we different?

Firstly our mentorship programme is 100% free. This is Tyrone’s way of giving back to the community and helping others, the same way his mentor gave Tyrone free knowledge and help, he wants to carry this on through this programme. Our main aim is to help people who have been through unprivileged upbringings or have gone through struggles in life and now want to change their lives around through health and wellbeing and be better to one day also help more people like Tyrone. He wants to build confidence and give them all the correct tools in order to be successful in their fitness business. 

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What our programme offers you


One full year of one to one mentoring from Ty. Helping you progress your business or career wherever you currently stand.

Day Workshops

Four full day workshops teaching you everything business related and everything you need to know to succeed in the health/fitness industry along with personal stories and tasks

Guest Speakers

Each workshop will consist of guest speakers to help inspire each mentee and give you real life insight to their specialised sector of the industry

Self Improvment

Doing this programme will help you to think about many things of your career, life and the way you think. We aim to help you and guide you to be the best version of yourself you can be and transfer that to your business/career.