Aztec Pressups

Aztec pressups mixed with some one arm and supermans. These pressups are explosive and works the entire body during the movements.

Sprint training great for burning fat

RESULTS = When the pain sets in and u wanna give up, thats when u gotta dig deep and focus harder. Try and endure that pain! After 5 x 400m sprints, recovery 1min in an open v sit position. We went into some short sprints working on his reaction from relax to contract using a different energy system. My client Kris always pushes through every session to his limit and his results have become more and more evident! Losing 3 stone already!

Headstand leg raises

Tyrone from BetheFittest working his core from a headstand position by dropping and raising his legs keeping his core and lats fully engaged whilst maintaining balance

Get big broad shoulders

One of the best shoulder exercise is the barbell shoulder press. Great for working the deltoids just make sure you use full range of motion.

Amazing exercise for core strength using just bodyweight

Great calisthenic exercise for core strength, balance and coordination

Exercise for rotator cuff

Great warm up exercise for the rotator cuff,  I use it normally before going into the bench press or a shoulder workout. Warming up your rotator cuff can be crucial to prevent shoulder injuries as the rotator cuff is used as a crucial stablising muscle. There are four muscles that make up the rotator cuff and these are the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis. You must also work on stabalisation and strength exercises as well as these warm up exercises for your rotator cuff.