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Personal Trainer South London

Are you interested in losing weight, running a marathon or preparing for the ski season? Come to Bethefittest and work with a personal trainer in south London. Following a consultation, an analysis of your body’s composition, a bone density check and a movement test to determine your functional limitations, we will develop an evidence-based programme that will stretch you both mentally and physically. Our personal trainers will motivate, encourage and support you as you work safely and effectively towards your fitness goals.

We also offer a range of packages, including a wedding fit programme of 18 training sessions that will get you into shape for your big day, or a slope fit package for the ski season. Older adults can benefit from an exercise programme that reduces the risk factors for osteoporosis, diabetes or heart disease, and all ages can work with a dietician to improve their nutrition and eating habits.

At Bethefittest, our clients come first, and if you can’t come to us, we will provide training at your home, workplace or outdoors in a south London park or on the embankment along the Thames.

Call us today. You’ll be surprised how quickly your fitness improves

Real Results


The RESULT after 4 weeks of Bethefittest training and healthier eating. Harriet LOST 7% BODY FAT.

Harriet wanted to lose body fat, so i carefully put together her training programme along with a structured dietary plan. We trained mostly twice a week also giving her a workout to do in her spare time. We done a lot of high intensity training working through different percentages of her MHR. After just 4 weeks of the programme she had lost 7% body fat.