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Personal Trainer Kensington

By 22 June 2020February 2nd, 2021No Comments

If you live in Kensington and are looking for a personal trainer then why not check out bethefittest. Be the Fittest provides a bespoke personal trainer in Kensington. Our one to one training programmes are carefully designed to fit the individual, no matter what level of fitness, and the expertise of our personal training team at Be the Fittest delivers extraordinary results.

The training sessions can take place wherever you like, whether it’s in the comfort of your own home or in one of Kensington’s many open spaces. Why not book a session in the romantic and peaceful semi-wild woodland area of Holland Park? Or how about an inspirational session in the beautiful Kensington Gardens, which boasts over 100 hectares of magnificent avenues and ornamental flower beds?

Wherever you choose to have your workout, your personal trainer in Kensington will strive to motivate you to achieve all your fitness goals with ease. Your personalised workouts and nutritional programs will be based on the results of your detailed body composition analysis report. This private report provides invaluable insights into your unique individual metabolic rate, heart rate, body fat composition and much more. Be the Fittest personal trainers are inspiring, highly motivational and completely professional.

Real Results


The RESULT after 4 weeks of Bethefittest training and healthier eating. Harriet LOST 7% BODY FAT.

Harriet wanted to lose body fat, so i carefully put together her training programme along with a structured dietary plan. We trained mostly twice a week also giving her a workout to do in her spare time. We done a lot of high intensity training working through different percentages of her MHR. After just 4 weeks of the programme she had lost 7% body fat.

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