Bethefittest Personal Training Packages

Three Week Package  (10 sessions in four weeks)              

If you want to start training and need to get in shape quickly then this three to four week package is perfect for you. We will give you the best results in just twenty one days. Hard work and commitment is essiential in order to get the most from this package. This includes three to four personal training sessions per week and a further two cardio sessions outside of the gym, you will also recieve a full diet plan. Every training session is started with a full body warm up, stretching and preparing the muscles for an intensive cardiovascular and strength based workout then following a warm down and a full body stretch.


Ultimate Fat Loss Programme (21 Sessions in seven weeks)

One of our most successful and popular packages. Many people find it hard to lose fat and struggle completing programmes as a factor to this. We have successfuly helped many clients achieve fat loss goals and getting their bodies to the standard they have always strived for. You can now benefit from our Ulimate Fat Loss package which is a six week course consisting of twenty one sessions. 
Using are unique methods we guarantee you fat loss results, we make the programme specific to each individual making sure results and gains are most efficient. This package includes three to four training sessions per week with additional work for outside of our sessions. Our sessions will include a range of different types of training techniques, optimising metabolic change (increasing your body's ability to burn fat) whilst shaping your body.

You will also recieve a dietary plan which has been tailored to the individual to help support their training and enhancing fat loss. We will give you 100% of our time and commitment for each client to reach there goal and we are sure that if you stick to our programme you will see outstanding results.







One Month Body Buster (12 sessions in four weeks)

Get fit and shed some pounds resulting in a tighter, leaner body in only four weeks with our body buster training package. This package includes three sessions per week with additional work for outside of these sessions, we will Work on strength and cardiovascular and also flexibility and mobility. This package is great for people at all levels of fitness. 


Body Transform Package (25 sessions over eight weeks)

This package is for people who want a total body transformation, a definite life changing package but be prepared to work hard. Consisting of three to four personal training sessions per week and extra work outside of these sessions, it will be lasting just under two months. Depending on your specific goals we will design a programme dedicated to you achieving it succesfully and efficiently. Starting with a consultation and a full body composition analysis we can record your results and monitor the changes within your body throughout the programme ensuring your goals will be achieved. You will also recieve a full diet plan specific to each individual based on there goals and targets in order to achieve the best results and maintaining optimum performance.


Try out Programme (8 sessions in three weeks)

Want to try out Be The Fittest? This programme is designed to ensure you are physically ready to kick start your fitness goals and ready to have the best experience possible. This programme consists of three sessions a week and will prepare you for everything needed in order to achieving your goals. We will help develop and increase specific stamina, improving core functional strength along with improving your balance, agility, mobility and flexibility. 


Pre & Post Natal Package (15 sessions over eight weeks)

Our pre and post natal package will definately get you ready for giving birth and also get you back into shape and feeling amazing after your pregnancy.  Within this package we use different training techniques some of which include Tai chi, pilates, calisthenics, cardiovascular and resistance work.
We always perform specific tests to see whether it is safe to start exercising after pregnancy although usually It should be okay to start six weeks after birth unless you have had a C-section or had any complications. This package includes two to three personal training sessions per week including a full dietary plan and regular health checks.


Body Building Package (29 sessions over Nine weeks)

Build lean functional muscle through the appropriate training and the right nutrition. If you want to lose some fat and add muscle or if you struggle to add size this package is perfect for you.  This package includes having three to four personal training sessions per week with additional work outside of the gym and the perfect amount of time for rest and recovery.
With our methods of training for specific goals we guarantee you results, we make the programme unique to each individual making sure these gains are most efficient. Throughout your programme you will also be learn new techniques and have full understanding behind each movement you perform. You will also recieve a full nutritional plan with all the information in order to achieve the best results. Frequent body composition analysis will also be reviewed ensuring gains are being met.


Wedding Fit Package (18 sessions over six weeks)

Need to get in shape and looking your best for your big wedding day? This package includes three personal training sessions per week and also an additional cardio session for outside of the gym. Starting with a full consultation, analysing your personal goals, history and fitness testing we will design a specific full diet plan and fitness programme specifically tailored to get you in the best shape for your big day in just six weeks. We also run a bridal fitness class in conjunction to this package which your bridesmaids and best men can  join, please ask for more information.


T&C's - All packages are non refundable once the package sessions have started. Please see our terms and conditions.

Create Your Own Package

You can create your own package tailored to your specific goals and suited to your timeframe. Please give us a call to discuss further and to book you in for a create your own package consultation.