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Alicia Coates Bethefittest Interview

IFBB Figure Pro Alicia Coates talks to Bethefittest about her training, road to Olympia, pop tarts and much more.

A bodybuilders dream, to stand on stage at the best shows in the world, Olympia, Arnold Classic presenting the fruits of ones labour, from the result of vigorous training and tedious dieting and being amongst the best competitors in the world. To many this will always remain just a dream but for Alicia Coates she made her dream into reality.

Just over a year ago Alicia Coates entered her first competition as a bikini athlete, then just seven months after she switched over to compete as a figure competitor and won her Pro card. Since winning her card she won her pro debut at Kentucky Pro Muscle and a second pro win in a row at Figure Romero Pro in Arizona. She has now qualified to compete at this years Olympia and will also be competing at the Arnold Classic amongst the best in the world. What an achievement! Keep a close eye out for this name Alicia Coates, i feel she will be a big one for the future and we wish her all the best.

Bethefittest caught up with her to find out more about her journey thus far and of course all about training and diet.

How was it winning your pro card?
It was a complete shock to be totally honest. I definitely went to Chicago with the ‘winners mentality’, but the competition was steep. If you’ve viewed my stage shots you can see how utterly shocked I was.

So you also won your pro debut and now have qualified for Olympia, how does it feel knowing you will be entering the most recognizable competition today?
I was so clueless following my win in Kentucky; I actually didn’t realize I qualified for the Olympia until I was informed later that night. My coach, Damian Segovia, and teammate, Natalie Waples, both had a good laugh when I told them I had no idea.

Have you entered any other competitions for 2014?
I was currently chosen for the 2014 Figure International at the Arnold Sports Festival. I am not positive on the shows I will do in-between the Arnold and Olympia; I will be making a game plan with my manager, J.M Manion, real soon.

You have really beautiful shape, and your conditioning for the competition really stands out when you stand next to your competitors, what do you think are your weakest areas, for example the body parts you think need improving etc?
First off, thank you for the wonderful complement, that’s very sweet of you. With regards to my weakest areas, an athlete will never admit their weak areas, at least I won’t. When you put your flaws out their, people will focus on them. I will say I need to improve on my self-control; staying more consistent with my eating habits so I don’t have many drawbacks in my physique in-between shows.

Why did you switch over from bikini to figure pro?
The decision to move from bikini to figure was actually during my prep for my first NPC bikini show. The way my body was developing during my bikini prep was a clear indication to my coach that I needed to switch over immediately following my bikini debut.

Who do you really admire out of your pro competitors at the moment?
I have numerous, especially now that I have recently met many of them in person. I admire Erin Stern and her work ethic. Being an ex-track athlete myself, I love how she incorporates her love for track and field in her training. My teammates, Candice Lewis and Natalie Waples, who both have phenomenal accomplishments under their belts, are amazing women to look up to. Candice Keene and Nicole Wilkins are the center of this sport, and I absolutely love their look and stage presence.

So far you have really accomplished a lot since turning a pro, what you have done in months, most athletes takes years, so if you were to see yourself in 5 years time, what would be the biggest achievements you would like to have accomplished?
I would like to hold both the Figure International and Ms. Olympia titles. Whether it is in the same year or different years, I would like to have both those accomplishments above all.

What are your favorite foods on a cheat day and how often do you cheat?
My signature cheat meal is In-N-Out burger; I order a double-double animal style with animal style fries. I currently cheat once a week, but the burger and fries are standard, no special sauce.

Being a pro a lot of time is spent in the gym, what does Alicia Coates do to relax and do you have any hobbies or interests?
I truly enjoy long boarding and hiking. Arizona weather is always great, so outdoor activities are a must.

During the day when you have to step out for your competitions what really motivates you?
3 things truly motivate me: Making my family, my boyfriend, my coach, and myself proud. Also, being an inspirational figure to young women coming up in the sport. It is an honor to be motivating figure in peoples’ lives.

What’s your favorite and worst body part to train?
I will forever love training back; it never gets old and always is my go to muscle to train. I am not a joyous camper on leg day. Leg day is quit traumatic for me (totally joking); it honestly would give me anxiety the entire day leading up to the workout. Times have changed, but its still a hard day for me.

How often do you train a week and how many hours do you spend training a day?
I am in the gym lifting 6 days and hitting light cardio 7 days. I spend anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours in the gym depending on the body part and the type of cardio I am hitting that day.

Your standing poses look so natural, were you always good at posing techniques?
I first stood in competition heels 14 months ago and my coach chuckled…loudly! I was slightly bow-legged and looked horrific walking. I grew up in skater shoes and Nikes; I owned one pair of heels for special occasions. Walking and posing was nothing close to second nature for me, but I worked hard to appear natural on stage. I practice weekly on my stage presence; there is no such thing as over-practicing.

As a pro athlete do you do anything you really shouldn’t, like Usain Bolt before he runs 100m race he will eat chicken nuggets before, is there anything like that?
I listen to everything my coach says, I don’t detour from it before a competition. I do eat a pop tart before I walk on stage and to many people that is odd.

How does the intensity and style of your training differ from off season training to pre contest?
My training style doesn’t really change much between off-season and
Pre-contest. Cardio routines change, but I live this lifestyle 365 days a year.

What is your diet like for pre contest, do you still eat carbohydrates e.g. how many calories do you intake, how many meals you have?
I honestly don’t know how many calories I take in, I have never paid any attention to that, nor have I asked my coach. I eat 6 meals a day whether it’s pre-contest, off-season, or the day of a show. I eat carbs before I walk on stage, I eat carbs at basically every meal, I eat a lot… lets just say that.

Alicia Coates training week split


What would be a typical Alicia Coates Leg day?

LEG EXTENSION 5×15 (Last 2 Sets – Drop Sets)
HACK SQUAT 7×12 (Last 2 sets to failure)
VERTICAL LEG PRESS 5 x 12 (Last 2 sets to failure)

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Author – Tyrone Brennand, Personal Trainer Chelsea – Bethefittest