“Good health and wellness equates to a better life, I am determined to pursue these goals no matter the circumstances.”

Tyrone Brennand, Personal Trainer Chelsea & Founder at Bethefittest.

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Be The Fittest Training - Be The Fittest - Personal Trainer Chelsea

A few words from our founder, Tyrone Brennand

Tyrone founded Be The Fittest – Personal Trainer in Chelsea, in 2014 and was able to set up his business with the help of the Prince’s Trust.

Since launching, Be The Fittest has changed thousands of people’s lives through health and fitness, whether it’s changing the way you look, being stronger, fitter, healthier and ultimately happier. Be The Fittest – personal trainer Chelsea recognises every client has different goals, different strengths and weaknesses and we ensure we deal with every case uniquely in order to reach these goals and strive for perfection.

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Be The Fittest - Quotations - Personal Trainer Chelsea

I really enjoy working with Ty because he challenges me every session but always meets me where I am at, whether it be physically or mentally. I've got stronger and am achieving some of my skill based goals. Also we have a laugh which makes it fun.

Nathalie Emmanuel, Actor

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Be The Fittest - Quotations - Personal Trainer Chelsea

I signed up for personal training sessions with Tyrone because I wanted help to overhaul my body, but I hadn't anticipated what difference he'd make to my mind

Binky Felstead, TV personality

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